About Us


Karen Nan is an artist who specializes in kiln-fired art glass.  She is also a well-known jewelry maker and incorporates her fused glass pieces into various forms of jewelry.  Within this category, Karen is a master in the use of wire and wraps her jewelry pieces with elegant and unique wire designs.


During her teenage years, Karen Nan apprenticed with a well-known stained glass artist (who happened to be her mother) in the Midwest. With the knowledge and inspiration passed on from the “master”, Karen Nan soon developed her own style and began designing her own art glass sun catchers and stained glass windows. Before the age of twenty, she had started her first creative business.

After moving to California, Karen Nan became active in the faire and festival circuit. As her business grew, she expanded into wholesale and was selling various retail stores, galleries, and even Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

Karen Nan’s glass business was put on hold during the years of raising three daughters (school, music, and sports simply did not allow enough time!).  Thankfully, Karen was able to resume her glass career in the year 2000 and was determined to pursue it vigorously from that moment forward.  This time around, however, it was decided that her glass work would be kiln-fired (fused) and that it would be displayed and sold in the form of elegant finished jewelry.

Karen Nan immersed herself in art classes, art glass showings, museums, and networked with well-known glass artists to develop and hone her own signature style.  The strategy was a success.  Karen Nan is now popularly known for her unique use of color in her art glass, her elegant jewelry bead work, and of course, her artistic wire work.  Karen’s glass pieces and jewelry can be found in retail stores, galleries, and online stores.

It should be noted that Karen Nan is also highly sought after for educational purposes.  Karen Nan enjoys the opportunity to pass on to others the skills she learned over the years and hosts workshops and classes frequently.  She has also published education materials in collaboration with a global publishing company.